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Thread: ASH - Association of Singlehanders / Does anyone remember?

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    Default ASH - Association of Singlehanders / Does anyone remember?

    In a 1984 Lat 38 article about the first Three Bridge Fiasco Race, a little blurb was posted about a 6 race singlehanded race series where some races were run by SSS and other by ASH. ASH was the Association of Single Handers.

    My fuzzy recollection was that ASH was in 82 or 83, and 84 may have been the last year. As Race Chair in 84, I don't remember much about ASH, but it existed.

    If anyone has memories, please let us know.


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    Ants, Here's a passage from Joe Therriault's ("Sundowner" Crouther Tri) history of BAMA from their website:

    Also, some of us — early on, Barry Parkinson, myself, Bill Madru — later Peter Hogg, Randy Chapman, and much later the F-27 guys like Andrew P, Ray Wells, Gary Helms — joined and raced with the Singlehanded Sailing Society (SSS) group. There are some great races to be had with the SSS for those of you who like racing singlehanded or doublehanded.

    Later on, Peter Hogg talked with the YRA folks and the ASH folks (another group of singlehanders) to create the single/double-handed division for YRA sponsored Ocean Races — and allow multihulls to participate. This group now has changed its name to “SSS” — but, they are very different from the real, true Singlehanded Sailing Society.

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