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Thread: ST4000 not working

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    Default Not so fast...

    Don't trash until you check the power leads. Upon installation of my most recent autohelm it passed the "at the dock" trials but after leaving the harbor for the sea calibration it did just as you describe, tiller hard over. Reading the instructions I found a very small print note that when this happens the leads to the tiller control unit should be reversed--did that, works fine. Dunno why it would work at first then stop working, though; but thot you might check it before giving up.
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    Default A happy conclusion

    After many drying sessions and reinstallation on Diannehe original ST 4000 head would function well, the only quirk being it would put the helm hard to port upon being powered up, but I could get it back by pressing standby and correcting with the +/- keys. Back in September a guy contacted me from PNW and offered a 4000 head that worked, had been repaired by a Seattle shop. I bought it from him for approx $50 with his gaurenttee if it didn't work he'd refund. Upon installing it and doing the calibrations it worked very well and I used it in the Vallejo 1 race with good results. So I now have the old head for a spare. I wouldn't trust either one for a long race but they work fine for the occasional single hand that I prefer, and they work fine for single handed day sailing. Thanks to Terry C for support and the loan of a ST 4000+ as a trial, thanks to Greg N for the words on not being too concerned about magnetic deviation.

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