For sale: Si-Tex SVS 460C Chart plotter.


Like-new condition, with a new power/data cable for a fresh installation. But wait, thereís more: act now and I will also send you the printed user manual, the updated Navionics card, and the mounting bracket.

Wanted: Garmin GPSmap 7X series hand-held GPS unit, preferably with mounting bracket and power/data cable (not the USB cable that comes in the box).

Story: The Garmin unit Iím looking for isnít to replace the Si-Tex. Rather, I have re-thought the nav electronics set up on Morning Star, and the Si-Tex unit doesnít fit. The move is not a knock on Si-Tex or its product Ė Iíll take their level of customer support over Garminís any day, thank you. Want further details? PM me here.