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Thread: 2020 Singlehanded Farallones - Your excuses here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianb View Post
    Pretty nice Jackie. Next year I will film your finish.
    Thanks, Brian. It will probably look like Daniel's finish. I must say, though, whatever lights he had on masthead could be seen all the way from the bridge.
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    Will Lee s/v Sea Wisdom, was late to the start of the 2020 Singlehanded Farallones race, and almost a full week late to finish. Here he is on Sea Wisdom, on his approach to the islands

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    He described the conditions: "I wanted to do the SHF but it was so last minute that I already made commitments to family. The trip back so far has been super relaxing on a BroadReach, the condition is 10-15 knots of wind, sea state is at minimum. I could even take a nap at the bow of the boat (clipped in)."
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    Last night there was a zoom awards meeting for Farallones participants. I forgot to tell a Daniel Willey story. He wasn't there last night and doesn't read the forum, but here it is anyway:

    A few years back Dura Mater and I won our division in the Farallones race. This astonished everyone, including me, but my trophy continues to impress, right next to a model schooner constructed by some long forgotten relative, foisted upon me by my brother in law. Here it is:

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    The reason we won in 2016 is because the other five or six boats in our division floated around for hours, then returned to the bay so they didn't have to stay out until early the next morning. Daniel was one of the sailors out there in 2016, and he decided to come in with everyone else (but us). As everyone knows, Daniel is a very tenacious sailor.

    During this past Farallones race DM and Galaxsea were the only boats in our division. Whoever floatest longest had a good chance of winning the division (the 'OMG I love you, but you are a slow boat, honey' division). Daniel knows that I can be determined myself. However, when I realized that we were closer to Duxbury than the islands, and that Daniel was even further north, I decided to come back into the bay. I figured he was headed for Drakes Bay for the evening, where he would cook himself a nice hot dinner and wait until morning to return. I considered it myself, but the day started with a southerly and that is verboten in Drakes Bay.

    Instead I tucked into the GGYC and videotaped everybody as they arrived, bedraggled and sweaty, as evidenced.

    It was dark by this time, and at about 9:30 we raised Galaxsea: "Galaxsea, Galaxsea, this is the SSS Race Committee. Do you read me?"

    Daniel radioed back: "Yes, I'm about to turn on my engine." Then there was a long pause. "Wait a minute! Is that you, Jackie?"

    Jackie: "Yes, I'm at the GGYC, ready to go eat a hot meal and go to sleep on Dura Mater."

    Daniel: "Oh! Well, then, I'll continue on and circle the islands!"

    Jackie: "By all means, do so! What is your ETA, please? We'll set our alarms and wait for your radio call upon approach to the Bridge."

    And so we did, and there he was, clear as a bell on the radio and under the bridge. And Galaxsea won her division in the annual SSS Farallones race. Congratulations, Daniel.
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