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Thread: New SSS minimum equipment requirements

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    Default MOM v. Jonbuoy

    Hi Max!

    I 'Googled' the MOM 8 and 9 - looks as though the MOM9, with its separate inflated 'pole', is a poor half-cousin to the Jonbuoy in that it has a raft so person can get out of the water and be rescued in a prone position (rather than the horseshoe of the MOM8 which gives a vertical position, like the Lifesling, for the person being rescued), but it doesn't have the high 'arms' which hold up the strong attachment point of the Jonbuoy to within easy reach of the person on board, with its equally high light position for excellent visibility. But I suppose the MOM9 is preferable to the MOM8 or Lifesling in that vertical lifting of a possibly hypothermic casualty is to be avoided if possible - note it also requires regular servicing because of the inflation aspect.

    Looks as though the OYRA should be considering changing its wording if it excludes better alternatives!! Maybe your wording could be along lines of 'suitable device, such as....., to enable lifting of a casualty out of the water ' - just a thought....! I take it the Lifesling relies on a separate-but-connected, lit Danbuoy for the light to show the casualty's position?

    Jeanne "Nereida"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nereida View Post
    I take it the Lifesling relies on a separate-but-connected, lit Danbuoy for the light to show the casualty's position?
    Actually Lifesling doesn't give any thought to lighting or a Danbuoy (or MOB pole, the more familiar term over here). I guess, since the Lifesling is tethered to the boat, the assumption is that the casualty (or poor bastard, as we call him) is within sight at all times.

    When I go out the Gate I rig the Lifesling, tethered to the boat, and tie the horseshoe to the pole. If we'll be out after dark a floating strobe gets tied onto the pole also. The idea is that the horseshoe/pole/strobe get tossed immediately when someone goes over, but we don't deploy the Lifesling until we're back near him with sails down or under control.

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