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Thread: Vallejo 1-2 Plan

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    Default Vallejo 1-2 Plan

    A heads-up to the SSS community regarding the Vallejo 1-2 this year. There are some details that need to be finalized, but we wanted to get preliminary information out so that people can start to plan accordingly.

    After considering several alternative options, the SSS Race Committee has decided to go ahead with the Vallejo 1-2 race this year with the following general plan:
    1) Maintain the scheduled Oct. 17-18 dates
    2) Maintain Vallejo as the destination
    3) Maintain Berkeley Circle as V1 start location and the Richmond YC as V2 finish location
    4) Use the Vallejo Municipal Marina as the primary berthing option (see below)
    5) Maintain V1 finish line and V2 starting line at or near the Vallejo Yacht Club (see below)

    As has been true for all post-COVID races this year, due to skeleton RC all racers will be required to record and report their finish times for both races. The RC will be on site to start both races.

    We are still working to get accurate depth information for the channel entrance and guest dock at the Vallejo Municipal Marina. Anyone with reliable knowledge, please add to this thread. We will post this information on the forum and in the final SIs when it is available.

    All boats berthing overnight at the VMM will be required to register with the marina staff and provide proof of registration and current insurance. We are working to negotiate a reduced rate, but the standard rate is $1/ft/night.

    We are in discussions with the Vallejo YC to use their deck to finish/start the races. Absent that, we will likely use the public walkway just south of the Vallejo Yacht Harbor breakwater. Details will be provided in the final SIs.

    We will open the race on Jibeset, with detailed SIs to follow.

    I hope to see as many of you as possible out there to close out this crazy season!

    Tom Boussie
    2020 SSS Race Chair

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    Sounds like a good plan. DIANNE will plan to race. SDK

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    My back is pretty seriously screwed-up after my qualifier. If I make an amazing recovery, I'll be there.
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