We will do things much differently next time; I made lots of dumb mistakes.
First and foremost; while theoretically, the idea of a week down the coast, and a week in the Northern Channel Islands, and a week back up was possible, it was too much moving, in way too little time. We envied and resented Jackie simultaneously; for the time she spent enjoying her stops, and not catching up to us to have boat baked cookies and chocolate tasting.
For the work it takes getting back up the coast, we need to stay down there longer for it to pay off. In my lame defense, this was somewhat a proof of concept cruise, and I wanted to check as many boxes as could.

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A higher free board is nice when fueling in Morro, and may god help you if you squeeze the nozzle designed for thirsty fisherman too hard.

On our way down, we started looking at our safety gear, in anticipation of our return trip. To our dismay, the strobes on our life vests didn't work, and after cleaning and giving them fresh batteries, they still didn't work, so we bought nice, new, H2o activated ACR strobes @ Santa Barbara.
On our return trip, we discovered that heavy fog turned them on, killing what night vision we ever had. Once in Monterey, we promptly walked 1.2 miles and returned them for "dumb" vest strobes.

Worse than that, was to discover after too long an interval of stuffing box adjustment, that the Guzzler 500 was not even sipping.

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Rebuild kit is in the mail!

More lessons learned to follow...