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Thread: I realize this is a sailing oriented site..but

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    Default I realize this is a sailing oriented site..but

    Today I read an incredible story about drug runners in the WSJ.

    A narco sub just made a 4000 mile passage from Brazil to Spain with three tons of cocaine aboard. The crew did 4000 miles under power in a pipe with almost no feeboard and 5000 gallons of diesel aboard the 66 foot semi-sub.

    At the end of the day they had to scuttle the thing because the Spanish police had been tipped off. Spanish officials have recovered the coke and the boat.

    Now that must have been a lot of fun...from one jail to another.

    "Narco-subs are low-tech, uncomfortable and hazardous, earning them the nickname “water coffins.” The crew shared a cramped cabin, with the bales, wedged between a thundering diesel motor and more than 5,000 gallons of fuel. They had to open the hatch to relieve themselves and, after a ventilation pipe broke, to have fresh air. Sustenance was little more than cookies, chocolate and water. The only view was through narrow windows."

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    At $100 a gram, and a raft of other assumptions, I get $268,800,000 worth of cargo.

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