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    In the course of my job, I have to / get to attend what Stanford calls the "IT UNConference" every year. I just sat in on a talk about conferencing-collaboration software packages that the University is considering adopting. What they're talking about goes far beyond hosting a Zoom meeting.

    -- registering participants ahead of time
    --video streaming (like Zoom)
    -- "breakout room" where people can video chat about a presentation they just saw.

    Because of COVID, this area of software development is booming. Zoom will probably bring more features online soon. Another relatively low-cost package that's being developed by a couple of Stanford students who are "taking a year off" (to probably become obscenely rich!) is called "Nooks"

    I believe pricing depends on the number of "sessions" and the number of "registrants" but I don't know the details. Nooks is very much not the only player in this game, but it might be worth investigating if people feel like there's a need to move beyond Zoom meetings.
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    Thank you, AlanH!

    It's always nice to see other choices in case Zoom falls behind or becomes less satisfactory. Glad to have someone with a ear to the track.

    Thus far, all seems OK. I know our package includes registration and break-out rooms, all of which we have yet to employ.

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