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Thread: 3BF waitlist has started

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    Default 3BF waitlist has started

    Lottery for 3 Bridge Fiasco Waitlist 1/14/21 15:30

    Message from Jibeset:

    A 3 Bridge Fiasco waitlist will created using a lottery.
    Email your “request to be placed on the waitlist.” In the body, include your:
    -full name
    -boat name
    -sail number
    -telephone contact number

    Send directly to thru end of day, Monday, Jan. 18th.

    25 names will be randomly drawn and listed in sequential order indicating first name drawn get the first opening, second name drawn gets the second opening, etc. This will be the Waitlist.
    All 25 boat names and initials will be listed on SSS Race Deck forum.

    As soon as we have a cancellation, the top of the list person will be offered the spot. We will notify you by email and phone and hold that spot for 24 hrs, then move down to the list.

    Thank you.

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    1. Tom S., Arrived (In)
    2. Mark J., 12 Winded Sky (In)
    3. Andrew Z., Warpath (In)
    4. Ethan D., Capricorn (In)
    5. Sandy A., Eclipse (In)
    6. Bruce S., The Shadow (In)
    7. Joseph M., Lenora (In)
    8. John R., Gotcha (In)
    9. Timo B., Twist (In)
    10. Joseph C., DILLIGAF
    11. Tom H., Rustler
    12. Brendan B., Spy vs. Spy
    13. Rodney P., Azure
    14. Ken H., MyEm
    15. Nathalie C., Envolee
    16. Bob B., Willow
    17. Paul D., Sobrante
    18. JP S., Zenith
    19. Jenny T., Friction Loss
    20. Ian M., Siento el Viento
    21. David G., Ondina
    22. Tommy S., Oxymoron
    23. Derik A., Public Enemy
    24. Steve K., Dianne
    25. Chris C., Fugu

    Above are the 25 names randomly drawn out of the approximate 40 who requested to be placed in the lottery. #1 at top will be offered the first open position if there is a cancellation, #2 will be offered the next cancellation, etc. As soon as an opening is confirmed, we will contact you by email and phone, please reply within 24hrs.

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