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Thread: 3 Bridge Fiasco Waitlist Progression

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    Default 3 Bridge Fiasco Waitlist Progression

    I have moved this from the original thread to this new thread for better visibility.

    1. Tom S., Arrived (In)
    2. Mark J., 12 Winded Sky (In)
    3. Andrew Z., Warpath (In)
    4. Ethan D., Capricorn (In)
    5. Sandy A., Eclipse (In)
    6. Bruce S., The Shadow (In)
    7. Joseph M., Lenora (In)
    8. John R., Gotcha (In)
    9. Timo B., Twist (In)
    10. Joseph C., DILLIGAF (In)
    11. Tom H., Rustler (In)
    12. Brendan B., Spy vs. Spy (In)
    13. Rodney P., Azure (In)
    14. Ken H., MyEm (In)
    15. Nathalie C., Envolee (In)
    16. Bob B., Willow (In)
    17. Paul D., Sobrante (In)
    18. JP S., Zenith (In)
    19. Jenny T., Friction Loss (In)
    20. Ian M., Siento el Viento (In)
    21. David G., Ondina (In)
    22. Tommy S., Oxymoron (In)
    23. Derik A., Public Enemy (In)
    24. Steve K., Dianne (In)
    25. Chris C., Fugu (In)

    Above are the 25 names randomly drawn out of the approximate 40 who requested to be placed in the lottery. #1 at top will be offered the first open position if there is a cancellation, #2 will be offered the next cancellation, etc. As soon as an opening is confirmed, we will contact you, please reply within 24hrs.

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    Hey RC,

    Thx for the herculean efforts to get this race organized with the strange state of current affairs. With the mad dash to get signed up to the limited entry list that filled up in less than 24 hrs, then the limit of 25 on the waiting list, I see that in the end there are only 124 boats officially entered to start. Room for one more..... wish it was me.

    As for Eyrie, I did not make the wait list, but I am still planning on running the race to try out Eyrie's new bottom freshly splashed from Berkeley Marine Center. Thanks to Ruben for getting it all done with the hopes that I would have made the wait list.

    I will be starting/finishing off the Berkeley pier and will race according to the RRS and the SIs, respect all the restricted areas, and do my best to avoid having any effect on an officially entered vessel.

    Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship. Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip.
    Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship. On your way to a world that others might have missed.
    ~ Blues Image

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    It will be great to see you out there, Synthia!

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    Pork Chop mast plate not seating- didn't see in dark.
    Cannot race. Message left with RC.
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