As a SRE type of guy I truly appreciate the morning spot i just get thank you triple S RC!

Last round the rocks has finished in the raccoon, spinnaker halyard up there at 7/8th of my mast length and had to withdraw when I unhooked the starboard runner maneuvering for a reef off. Anyway I made it fast to little harding and I had the smile motoring back to the estuary...!
Had the smile too after the three bridge, because I thought I had finished it!
But the bashing of the frustrated fleet who went black caller first made me do the right thing: withdraw!
A Red Rock first guy made a poor choice after staying awhile in place or loosing distance to leave room to TI coming fleet: I went too close, just too close to wharf.... Withdraw! Few days later, I could have judged my overall performance and call it a quit...
So corinthians here I am, two halyards for the kite, reattached runners, no restricted areas, many things could go wrong but I just signed up and even for last place!
After all, the boat won them all with the notorious S.Owens....

Thank you RC, for letting a SRE guy learning so much sailing, currents and bay marks this year!