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Thread: Looking for a partner to sail a Class 40

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    Default Looking for a partner to sail a Class 40

    Good day,
    I own a first generation Class 40 sailboat in Half Moon Bay. I'm looking for an experienced sailor to join me in continuing to test the boat.
    More here:
    This would be for practice sails off the coast. We can discuss a plan where your interests and mine combine into fun trips.
    If you also wish to race (which I am open to) then you would have to chip the fees (PHRF certificate, race entry fees).
    Note that the boat is only insured "in port", so if we do race, I will make decisions accordingly (i.e. not pushing my luck until last minute decisions).
    What's most important to me? Finding someone competent, with a positive mindset/attitude, who wants to sail offshore. I don't care if you're old, young, or any particular color. I don't care if all you want to do is sit at the tiller, or you want to climb the mast. Again, what matters is a good soul who wants to be out there. I do need you to have a reasonable sailing background.
    Please reach out via the forum or email here.

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    DM sent.
    s/v Ergo
    Ericson 35-2

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    Reviving this request ... Weekends only.

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