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Thread: 2021 SSS Corinthian Race Pixs!

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    Default 2021 SSS Corinthian Race Pixs!


    Hope you all had a great time on the water this weekend.
    I created this album to share pixs and short videos. Please add any you may have.

    Here is my story from Saturday as Tortuga averaged a break neck 2.5knots around the course
    It was pretty light wind to start but we were able to get across the start line OK. The bad news was that Tortuga was called for being over early! It was a fight against the current and light wind to circle back around to start. Not a great way to start the day. Tortuga was the second to the last starting sequence and at that point I was the last boat. We worked our way up around blackaller buoy and back down the back towards Southampton Shoal. With the ebb starting I was able to catch up with the fleet as we worked our way against the current making 1-2 knots. The wind was forecast out of the N/NE with a small craft advisory with gusts in the low 20s. We never saw that materialize. The wind started to pick up a bit around Southampton Shoal so it was easy to sail around but had to throw in a last tack as the ebb was still running hard and pushed us off course. After that you have decide which way to sail around Angel Island, either sail through a raccoon straight or around the other side. I saw a few of the boats in my class heading through raccoon straight I decide to take my chances and go around the other side We were ripping along at 8+ knots with the ebb and once around I could see that I should have gone the other way as those boats made better time. Got around Little Harding buoy and then was fighting the ebb again to make it to Blossom Rock buoy. I could see at that point that if I didnít make any more tactical errors, I wouldnít be DFL, which was satisfying. Usually being the only full keel boat we are always at a disadvantage around the buoys with the currents. I opted to go behind Alcatraz to fight the current and pointed well past Blossom so we didnít get pushed past the mark. Once around the Blossom marker we we hard on the wind with the dwindling ebb all the way up to the finish. There was a Mull 30 that I had been trading places with since before Southampton and I beat him by a few seconds at the finish so it was a great way to end the beautiful day! Success! Thanks to the race comitte for running such a smooth race!
    Video from the race:

    W32 Tortuga

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    Not race video, but sailing back down to Coyote Point on Sunday...
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    I was in the last group to start and was one of the last to make the starting line along the rocky shore. With my sister boat, Lively Lady, when we got to Blackalher, it was pleasant with plenty of room. The winds then got a bit flukey and took a while to get to SHS. When I rounded Point Blunt the winds were really clocking causing me to jibe a half dozen times as I dealt with tide changes and ebb tide slide factor that the point delivers. I could see the double handers were anxiously working their way out of their Hampton shoals debacle. I tried to stay up wind and closer to Angel Island's shore to avoid the traffic. Despite my efforts some of the fleet charged to open water in front of me and on a completely different wind direction that I had. I continued to skirt the rest of the oncoming fleet and got to the shoals after most had passed. I caught a lucky puff and after one false start due to a change in wind again made the rounding and shot on the ebb to Raccoon straits making nearly 9 knots over ground. The infamous malstroms were on full display in the straits which took me for a 360 clock and dodging a motorized party boat. The time I had gained on my little now separated posse to make Little harding was lost in a deep wind pocket and those who chose to return via Point Blunt recovered before I made Alcatraz and Blossom rock. Tortuga passed me as we both made for the rock and together headed to the finish line nearly at 6. Making it 6 hours to do the course under a single blade and main. It took a while to get back home to Alameda. The full moon, bright city lights and flat water was a thing I will remember for a long time to come.

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    My friend Shelly and I stitched up a good part of the rope luff late Friday night so I could go sailing in the morning.
    Without friends, none of this would be possible.
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    Without friends, none of this would be possible.

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    Those evening shots are beautiful, Wow!

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    start area


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