My partner and I have been having a blast doublehanding together, however one area we're a little clueless about is the best way to transition from our 150% to the 100% jib when the wind starts to pick up. We needed to do this during the SSS Corinthian and RYC Big Daddy, and it was pretty ugly!

We have a Santa Cruz 27 with a double sheave at the masthead, so just one jib halyard and one spin halyard and a Tuff Luff headstay foil.

I'm on the tiller, so the foredeck work is singlehanded.

A 2nd jib halyard would allow us to use the 2nd headstay foil groove and avoid sailing headless during the change, plus avoid the mayhem of two sails on the foredeck. Bringing the #1 onto the foredeck and back down below is also really difficult for one person, so I'm wondering if we should look at a bungee setup that allows us to keep the #1/#3 on deck when unused.

If anyone has any tips/tricks, I'm all ears!