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Thread: NTNB race amended finish line

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    Default NTNB race amended finish line

    Note that the finish line for the NTNB race on Sat, April 24th has been changed. The new finish is in Keller Cove just immediately north. Please see jibeset for the Amended SI.

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    Steve Katzman s/v Dianne will be on the Race Committee boat this coming Saturday. Steve has asked that the following be posted regarding the No Trophy North Bay (NTNB) race:

    Pt Pinole Daymark is Fl 2.5s "P" It is easily deep enough for all to round but gets shallow inside to the fishing pier. I've gone close to the end of the fishing pier without going aground but the fishermen didn't like it.

    The Sisters is two rocks. There are charted near it by * (asteriks), rocks that may be awash. I've gone around it to explore and find it no problem. See Jackie's pictures.

    Immediately south of The Sisters are numerous bouys for barges that service McNear's Quarry. They are easily visible and easy to avoid.

    A rhumb line course from the Sisters to Pt Pinole is clear of the restricted Pt Pinole Channel.

    I mention all above because any race course has hazards and demands navigation . A review of charts 18654 and 18649 is suggested.

    Steve Katzman

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    sorry to have missed the meeting do getting my 2nd covid Moderna shot (feeling droopy today). Will rally for Saturday.

    thank you for the info. Be safe, dress for weather and have fun. See you out there.

    Ted, Pretty Penny
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