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    Default VTS in Los Angeles

    Last week I tuned into the Singlehanded Farallones skippers meeting on Zoom for old times sake, and to possibly learn something new about traffic in the Gulf'o'Lons from the guest speaker. Petty Officer Leitzke jogged my memory about the Offshore Vessel Traffic Advisory at 15 and 45 past the hour, which I used to listen to religiously when sailing up there.

    Since I now occasionally pass through the heavy shipping traffic around Los Angeles, I unlurked to ask PO Leitzke if there is a similar OVTA schedule in that area. It hasn't occurred to me to listen for it. She didn't know, but she said it was likely. So I decided to find out. Answer: there is not. Of course VTS is happy to tell you about the traffic if you call on 14 (they don't use 12 at all), but there's no comprehensive broadcast as in SF. I thought this information might be of interest to anyone passing this way.

    Also, I was surprised to learn that in the LA area VTS is a public-private partnership between USCG and an organization called Marine Express. (As a flaming knee-jerk bleeding-heart liberal I have to wonder if this fact is to blame for the lack of a valuable service like OVTA. Maybe that's a step too far.)

    Which reminds me, the NWS weather forecasts on the radio down here suck for marine use. Spotty coverage of the areas of sailing interest, and lots of wasted time waiting for the land forecasts to end. Apps such as Windy are essential.

    All for now ... Max
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