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    Default Wilderness 21

    Wilderness 21

    It's a project, needs sails, running rigging, general spiffing up.
    There are 6 winches.
    The traveller is at the companionway which opens the cockpit for single handing.
    New wheel bearings and tongue on trailer.
    I picked it up last year and haven't done anything with it.

    Presently lining up something different, ready to sail.
    More details when that is finalized.

    I MUST free up a parking space, so this needs a new home.
    Hopefully not the scrap yard.

    Can deliver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daydreamer View Post
    Wilderness 21 Presently lining up something different, ready to sail.
    More details when that is finalized.... this needs a new home.
    Can deliver.
    That is a pretty little boat. Like Matt's Tinker, right? Certainly SF Bay material, especially with someone like Matt at the tiller. I wonder whether your "something different" means a new boat for the 2023 race?

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    Hmm..... Where's the boat? Does it have any sails? Any big soft spots?

    I've been trying to doublehand with my 7 yr old daughter, but the loads on my boat are a bit much...

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    Just like Matt's Tinker but a newer model. Mine is hull #5. There were about 80 made from '78-'86. The later models like this one have the mast stepped off the deck. Hope you find a good home for this boat. I've been sailing Tinker around the bay since 2005 so if anyone wants some insider information on the Wilderness 21, let me know. All my old sails are in pretty poor condition but you can probably pickup new sails from Pineapple sails for not too much. Yes, it's a good boat to learn sailing keelboats with lighter loads on rigging than larger boats. Great boat for participating in SSS bay races if you're not too concerned about your PHRF rating compared with other 20' boats.

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