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Thread: Rampant Appreciation

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    Default Rampant Appreciation

    Lots of shows of appreciation for the Race Committee's efforts:

    From Hugh Vanderspek, Kyle's father

    A note of thanks for all your work and support on the SHTP.
    For our family and friends ( and friends of friends, and employees and colleagues and relatives of friends…) who have followed this race it has truly been memorable as we collectively tracked and shared Kyle’s progress and adventure.
    Our sincere thanks to you and the SHTP Race Committee for all your hard work in putting this race together and pulling it off successfully and in so doing making it possible for so many to share in the adventure

    All the best

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    Y'all done good. Especially good, considering the headaches that COVID threw into the mix. Props to all the RC!
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    Default Thank you to Ray Irvine/Jibeset

    Hello Ray,

    Thanks for the wonderful support you provided during the race. I
    wanted to highlight that your predictions of finish times were very
    accurate when the boats were within about 24 hours ( I didn't analyze
    other periods). In that last period of their run to Hanalei my tracking
    showed your estimates, in the 6 hour and 12 hour averaging window, were
    within a few minutes, or maybe at worst 10 minutes of actuals. The only
    exception was Sea Wisdom who nearly stopped within 500 meters of the
    finish line when the winds dropped. That was a painful late night
    period to watch. The variable averaging windows were the way to go
    although some of our viewers didn't understand how to use them. That
    made finishing the boats much easier as we could call out the chase boat
    in a timely fashion.

    Some of the random GPS returns that you noted were highly correlated
    with squalls passing over the boats. Siren and Perplexity, who finished
    20 min apart, were within visual range to the RC. A huge squall
    clobbered them both and the GPS data showed weird variations in
    position, putting them near the center of the island. I could not see
    them for a few minutes just prior to the finish. I am certain that was
    due to GPS signals being inaccurately timed by the GPS satellites as the
    signals from the trackers would be quite degraded due to the wet squalls.

    Thanks again.



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    I would also like to send my sincere appreciation to the SSS and the SHTP 2021 (+2020) RC and all the volunteers. For over two years and even after the race, you worked tirelessly to create this opportunity for a life changing experience for me and fellow SHTP sailors. Can't thank you all enough.
    S/V Sea Wisdom

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