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    - Trophies - a true PITA. Racers don't want to take the large trophies home on their boats, or by other means. Going forward the SSS should not ship these to Hawaii as they just need to be shipped back by the RC, which is problematic and expensive ($500 for three + packaging). These trophies are huge, fragile, and need maintenance.

    --- New approach: At skippers meeting trophies will be shown and if racers indicate they will carry them over and bring them back then we take them over. We photograph all skippers behind the trophies. If no one is willing to assist in delivery, in either direction of all trophies, then we use the photos of trophies in Hawaii as the award. Then if they want a perpetual trophy in their home we ship from Calif. to the racer.

    --- We need club volunteers to rebuild the trophies.
    --- We need to re-plaque these trophies as they are filled up with finishers. Some will need to have another base added to handle the plaques or a plagues will have to be compressed with multiple finishers on plaques.

    - The washed out Hanalei road caused a lot of hiking and river crossing on the part of Synthia, Jackie, and Greg. Hopefully they keep that road open next time. If that road is totally closed than the finish should be moved to Nawiliwili.

    - Covid issues: State Health (KEMA) wanted to stop us from coming, but it was too late to do that. The state had approved our permit, then KEMA saw the permit and requested we not sail to Kauai. That got negotiated away with the help of the Kauai Harbor master. They then wanted to inspect each boat upon entry into Hanalei prior to skippers departure, but were not available at all over the 4 day holiday. This led to a lot of back and forth between the State and RC. Ultimately the State Attorney General approved our arrival. COVID will be well downwind of the next race one hopes.

    - Again the racers, at least some, have unreal expectations of the availability of the Chase boat for taxi service. Thanks to Lee of Morningstar, and a 2018 finisher for pitching in delivering people to and fro.

    - Super positive was moving the "TREE" from the Pavilion beach to Black Pot Beach at the river entrance. This allowed the Chase boat crew to enjoy the TREE time sunsets and keep an eye on the boat (theft of boats and motors is always an issue in Kauai).

    - Due to a lack of a place to hold a large gathering - a COVID restriction - Greg set up our awards banquet at Black Pot Beach. This worked well, and was the "original" ceremony location. Therefore we were rebuilding another tradition.

    - The racers should consider getting a re fueling vendor to meet them in Hanalei bay near the day of the ceremony to refuel boat in a group. The racers should arrange this on their own. RC should not be hauling fuel up and down the hill. At the same time they should arrange transportation to their vessel of filled fuel canisters.

    - The racers will need to take responsibility for a crate and its shipment to Kauai in the future.

    - The RIB that Larry Conklin rented will probably not be available in 2023. Some arrangement with the Sailing Club in Nawiliwili might be possible.

    - Crane hoisting in Nawiliwili may become an issue for 2023 because Larry C. may retire.

    THis is not a complete list but a start, and will be captured in our notes as to the race improvements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianb View Post
    - Again the racers, at least some, have unreal expectations of the availability of the Chase boat for taxi service . . .
    Lack of infrastructure at the finish is just part of the adventure in sailing to Hanalei Bay, right? Perhaps the SHTP should bill itself as "Not Your Grandpa's Race to Hawaii". There's plenty of infrastructure off Diamond Head, after all.
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