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Thread: Random Sailing, and Doggies!

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    Oh, Rick, that is a very sweet looking doggie.

    Freya the wonder puppy is isnít allowed into the front room where the Christmas tree sits, unscathed. Yesterday was a rainy day and the puppy had already chewed everything in the kitchen, where she is contained. Like nuclear waste.

    The phone cord is chewed to bits, the napkins are shredded and the chairs all have teeth marks. To avoid the wrath of the Voice of Reason we drove to Richmond Yacht Club, ran up and down every dock.

    Puppies are sailor magnets. I met a new sailing friend on C Dock who has a beautiful and well maintained Olson 40 in an upwind slip. He told me that he sailed an Olson 30, s/v Quest, in the 1988 SHTP. He did not win, he said. I said that only one person wins each race, and asked if he plans to do it again. ďSure,Ē he said with a grin.

    Then the puppy was off down to the end of C dock, then back up and around we went to Dura Mater. She wasnít particularly happy about being thrown aboard, but Iím bigger than she is so thatís where she went. Down into the cabin, where I made a cup of coffee and read a book from Dannyís table. While we were there the puppy chewed up an old hat, an old green dockline, one tide & current book and then she started in on Synthiaís mosquito swatter. So I took that away from her and cut off the chewed part. It will still work just fine in the Delta. After she chewed one of my anchor gloves (the Velcro scared her repeatedly) I finished my coffee and we headed out.

    Ran up and down the docks again, then up into the small boat yard where she smelled all the gazillion boats and trailers there. After that we ran back to the car and I drove us home. She sat still for approximately 20 minutes.

    Today? Well, itís supposed to stop raining in an hour and thatís when weíll go out for another run. Again.

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    Freya might be the cutest puppy ever!

    My dad and I used to do model trains. Not the tabletop kind, the ride-behind-them kind. A train friend had a Doxie who loved to ride along, with a great name for the context: Pullman.

    It appears I can no longer post photos to the forum. I've tried various work-arounds without success. Maybe I've reached some kind of limit, or maybe it's just time to move on to other things. I'll try re-registering but if that doesn't work, the rest of you can carry on. New year, new leaf, etc.

    Edit: Nope, re-registering didn't work either. Cleared all browsing data, cookies, etc. Even tried a virtual VPN. It must be my after-shave.
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    Default Sailing Dogs

    Since we're sharing photos of our doggies, well, except for BobJ.
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    I know Ben & Bea had/have boat Doxies so I am hopeful my little Cody will like to ride….

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    I have a cat and she's adorable but I doan' think she's ever gonna be a boat cat.
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    Apparently now that Bob J has retired he can no longer post photos on the forum. Something to do with his CPA license lapsing. But the Johnston dog deserves to be celebrated in death as he was in life. So, in all his glory, heeeeeere's Louie!

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    Here is Lola.
    She tolerates the boat better than my wife.
    But not by much
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    Sold the boat but kept the dog. Now the only keelboat I have is a robot, but Casey likes sailing dinghies and standup paddling. He is not a big fan of the boston whaler. One day I'll have another keelboat for SSS races and hopefully Casey will still be around to come sailing

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