The Drake's Bay Race is coming up in a couple of weeks. We have opened up race registrations on Jibeset, but there are no SIs posted yet. This is an unusual race for the SSS as it it is run by the YRA and we have minimal involvement in organizing or executing the race. As we await final docs from the YRA, the SSS RC thought that we should publish some basic information about the race for interested participants. SI's from the 2019 race can be found here: Please use the 2019 SIs as a general guide as there will be changes to the 2021 SIs. Feel free to post questions on this thread. SSS RC

General Overview of Drake's Bay Race Format (subject to change!)
- Drake's Bay I: Saturday Aug. 28; Drake's Bay II: Sunday Aug. 29
- Basic course is SF city front <=> Drakes Bay, keeping outside of the Duxbury Reef buoy
- Day 1 start and day 2 finish is off the Golden Gate YC (X buoy)
- RC for day 1 start and day 2 finish will be members of the Berkeley YC
- Day 1 finish and day 2 start is inside Drake's Bay
- Drake's Bay finish/start line is between white buoy “DB” and the Pt. Reyes Fish Dock
- RC for day 1 finish and day 2 start will be members of the Inverness YC
- There will likely be committee boat at buoy “DB” for the day 1 finish
- Day 2 start will likely be conducted from shore without a boat on station
- There will be a VHF roll-call in Drake's Bay for all boats that finish and anchor overnight
- Retirements on both days will be reported via the designated RC channels - DO NOT USE SSS EMAIL OR VOICEMAIL TO REPORT RETIREMENT (will not be monitored)
- SIs will be posted on Jibeset on Monday Aug. 23; starting flags will be posted on Friday Aug. 27
- There will be a SSS Zoom skippers' meeting on Wednesday Aug. 25
- Registration for SSS participants is via Jibeset through the SSS Drake's Bay link
- The YRA and SSS boats will be scored separately