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Thread: love and restoring old boats for solo/shorthanded racing

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    Default love and restoring old boats for solo/shorthanded racing

    Call me a sucker. I sure love the boats of my youth, the ones i read about that set the marks of quality and speed. The ones that my heroes sailed. The ones that need a bit of help getting back together. I have spent more time restoring boats than sailing them. each one a money losing proposition. A hard juggle considering the limited budget i always seem to have. They have kept me out of trouble, kept me faithful to my mission and satisfied my wanderlust for the beautiful or the seemingly unattainable girl.

    Over the weekend I saw this Camper & Nicholson 47 built for the Ostar at the Rutherford yard. she is posted on craigslist. If i was to go into her, it would be at the cost closest to a newish J-Boat, a spiffy Antrim 27 or the like. Still it is nice to dream about bringing her back to race ready condition with new sails that fit.

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    Nice lines!

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