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Thread: Don't forget the Skipper

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    Default Dual Channel

    By the way.... I LOVE the Comar AIS-2-USB AIS Receiver. No more separate power supply, it gets the power from the USB port. It receives both AIS channels simultaneously instead of switching back and forth.

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    Default AIS antenna/frequency

    AIS frequencies are at the top of the assigned marine band, a mere 25 khz above channel 28. That is 25KHZ/162000KHZ. Without getting two carried away that is a very small fractional change in the length of your VHF antenna. No need to alter the length. The AIS frequencies were selected to use the same allocations.

    I have been using an antenna cut for 145 MHz (AIS is 162 MHz) and stuff it in the head liner on my boat. I track ships 20 miles off no issues. This is not a permanent install, but demonstrates you don't need a stunning set up to get reasonable range.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Elliott View Post
    . Previously I used one of those "emergency" VHF antennas (the one with the suction cup) stuck to a deck hatch cover, and the sensitivity was awful. I now have no faith in that particular emergency antenna, and instead now have a real VHF whip that I can clamp to the rail.
    Now that you remind me, in fact that IS what I used...the little suction-cup quarter wave whip from Shakespeare.

    Jeff on Hecla also used that in fact he had it suction cupped to the INSIDE of the ceiling on Hecla and said it worked fine. But it didn't work diddly for me.
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