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Thread: 2022 SSS Race Dates

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    Default 2022 SSS Race Dates

    For those that weren't able to make last night's annual membership meeting, here are the SSS race dates for 2022:

    > Three Bridge Fiasco - January 29
    > Corinthian Race - February 26
    > Round the Rocks - March 19
    > SH No Trophy South Bay - April 23
    > SH Farallones - May 21
    > Long Pac - July 6 (yes, same week as Pacific Cup starts)
    > Drakes Bay - August 20/21
    > Half Moon Bay - September 17
    > Vallejo 1-2 - October 15/16

    As stated during the meeting, the board continues to explore strategies to protect SH boats and welcomes additional suggestions from the SSS community (you all have never been shy to do this on the forum). We will continue to work to separate SH and DH boats especially for the crowded races like Corinthian and Round the Rocks. Our plan is to have Jibeset open for registration 3-4 weeks prior to each race. Also, in order to reduce waste, when registering you will need to make a proactive choice whether you want a t-shirt, and if eligible, a finishing plaque. Funds not spent on t-shirts or plaques will help support local sailing programs.

    One item I neglected to mention during last night's meeting - for the past 10 years, Jibeset has charged us the same fee whether you paid your registration via credit card or PayPal. Due to an increase in processor charges (especially by PayPal) this will no longer be the case going forward. The club will see a 25 basis point decrease in the credit card fee, but a 25 basis point increase in the fee for PayPal. Bottom line, you can still pay either way, but if you have a choice, please pay by credit card as that will allow more of your entry fee to flow to the club. Granted, it's not a lot of money, but every little bit helps! BTW, Ray does not store any credit card information in Jibeset if you have this concern.


    Tracy Rogers
    SSS Treasurer

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    Thanks, Tracy!

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    A belated you're welcome. BTW, for those who have been asking, our plan is to have Jibeset open for race registration 3-4 weeks prior to the scheduled race. That means, Three Bridge Fiasco will not be open until the beginning of January. At this point our plan is to run the race under "normal" circumstances (i.e., SH and DH, no limit on entrants). We are currently working with Ray at Jibeset to update registration forms, etc. so that they'll be ready to go in 2022 (that's why you see some 2022 events listed in Jibeset, but not yet opened for registration). Appreciate the enthusiasm but please stand by. Thanks.

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