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Thread: 2022 Three Bridge Fiasco Pixs

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    Default 2022 Three Bridge Fiasco Pixs

    Ahoy! Congrats to those that were able to finish in the really light conditions and monster ebb today!

    Please feel free to add any pixs or short videos you took from the race to this album:

    W32 Tortuga

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    Default Tbf 2022

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    The Express 27 never stops impressing me. Saturday's 3 Bridge allowed the little Santa Cruz beast to do her thing again, this time in a light air, flat water marthon. Well, a marathon for me at least, the last boat to finish.

    Blackaller 1st with Bombora, Motorcycle, Public Enemy, and likely Freaks - maybe one or 2 more 27's. With one mark down off to Red Rock we all flew in a 9 knot Northerly.
    Watching TI days prior from my Pier 39 perch told me to stay away until later.

    The #1 was the sail of choice. Thinking it'd be better to have it later for the inevitible light worked but as the sole class singlehander I paid an overpowered tax and got spit out. Public Enemy got closer but they likely opted for the East side of RR which was a killer at that point. Westabout worked best if you arrived past 1300ish I think. There was just more consistent breeze on the left. I eventually came in tight, found an eddy and gained enough to make it around on the next shot (the 3rd attempt). A 90 minute rounding never felt so good.

    The ebb was still in good form after rounding Red Rock and The Pork Chop Express drifted with a sagging kite for a time - at 4 knots sog! It felt like retreating from a doomed battle scene as PCX ghosted past the counterclockwise fleet now battling their way upwind in a massive current and fading breeze.

    I shared that rounding and the rest of the race with the Moore 24 Fatuity, who sqeaked by me after rounding TI. We both sat for some time at Delta Echo until the Westerly filled which was late but mighty nice to see. Especially knowing a container ship had just slipped her lines and was heading out.

    The sunset sail to the finish was sublime and we might have nipped the Moore (unfounded optimism) but decided on a safety tack to ensure we were inside the finish mark.

    A great day of sailing. Many thanks to the RC for making it possible.
    Last to finish never felt so good.

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