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Thread: Corinthian Regatta on Feb. 26

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    Default Corinthian Regatta on Feb. 26

    We have recovered from 3BF and expect jibeset Corinthian registration to open by Monday, Feb. 7.

    Many thanks to All our 3BF volunteers who will receive 3BF shirts with Race Committee added on the breast pocket area.

    We will try to keep to our goal of opening regattas earlier, but without a regular race chair, this may sometimes be challenging.

    Somewhere out there is an altruistic person with a little time and guilt on their hands.

    Please reach out to me if you are interested in the Race Chair position for all or part of the 2022 season or if you would just like to adopt one race. For more information, send your interest or questions to Season Race Chair will have their SSS membership paid for or refunded, if already paid. We will ensure, too that you can compete in 2 races.

    Thank you,

    Commodore Joe
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