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Thread: Main and jib sheets.

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    Buzz Ballenger told me at the time that the forces on the boom are a lot less with end boom sheeting, so you are probably fine with your old boom. I upgraded by one size anyway after that experience (was not done sheeting in the main in an intentional gybe when the boom came over in above 25 knots of wind, the boom snapped in the middle at the bolt holes for the main sheet). Why I gybed in above 25 knots of wind under the GGB? Racing.

    Buzz B deemed the existing gooseneck strong enough for ocean use (showed him a photo) and made the boom to fit this gooseneck. It has been holding up fine since I replaced the boom a few years back (but I replaced all rivets to the mast that had broken over the decades).

    What I really like about the end boom sheeting is that it is much easier to reach the main sheet for quick adjustments. In my experience, the Islander 30-2 is not steerable with the main sheeted in too far even in moderate winds, so being able to release the main quickly is a safety issue. The forces for adjustments are as well a lot less with end boom sheeting, but I still have a triple tackle for the traveler. Regarding the main sheet, I have a second tackle for the main for fine tuning.

    Looking at your existing traveler, Garhauer has some metal supports for the traveler that I used. Maybe you can make these fit to the traveler that you already have?

    Other boats like the Tartan 30 had end boom sheeting as well at the time.

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