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Thread: RTR Skippers & Corinthians Awards meeting, 7:30 p.m. Wed, March 16

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    Default RTR Skippers & Corinthians Awards meeting, 7:30 p.m. Wed, March 16

    Please join us for the Round the Rocks Skippers' Meeting, preceded by a very short awarding to the only Corinthian's finisher. If you have registered, a zoom link has been sent to your email. Another invitation will be sent Wednesday evening to gather the flock.

    If you have not decided, remember registration closes at midnight of skippers' meeting. About 75 signed up thus far.

    We are in need of an RC volunteer boat and individuals. RC Boat Start from Olympic Circle - G mark for morning volunteers. 830 a.m. and back at dock by 1 p.m. Finishing from RYC platform. 2-5 afternoon shift and 5-7:30 evening shift. Thanks to Richard R. our first volunteer. I will bring some swag to distribute to volunteers and of course a round the rocks race t-shirt follows. Contact to pitch in.

    Thank you.

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    Sending out a big THANK YOU! to the Race Committee for yesterday's terrific race. I know that I was determined to finish AT LEAST ONE race before the year continued. Thank you to the skipper of Surprise! who offered up his yacht despite the fact that people would track mud all over her pristine decks. Thank you to Joe and his brother (this is who we dragoon into service when all else fails: you learned that lesson from Tom B who involved his daughter in this questionable enterprise) and the other two members of RC, who made it all look easy. It was not a day for the weak resolve, but there they all were, out there in the rain with us.

    And another thing: Thank you, Joe, for ordering up the great wind. If it hadn't been there DM and I would never have made it around the Brothers before the ebb kicked in. Is there any chance of an in-person awards SSS meeting? There will be lots of awards and it's been such a long time since we've seen each other in person.

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    Here's a photo of Chris Case aboard his new Cal 40, big FUGU. He wasn't in the race, but he shadowed us. "Like a freight train".

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    A few pictures from the sfbaySSS Round-the-Rocks race are in a Flickr gallery.

    Pictures are near the finish area

    The Flickr gallery =>


    Azzura 310, Outsider


    Sunfast 3600 Invictus

    Farr 38, Timberwolf

    Express 27, sail 28137

    Wylie Wabbit, bow up

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    Moore 24, sail #64 Firefly

    Moore 24, sail #11

    Express 27, sail #40428 Ergo

    Moore 24, sail #84

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