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Thread: Singlehanded No Trophy South Bay registration will open very soon

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    Default Singlehanded No Trophy South Bay registration will open very soon

    Expect registration to open by Mon evening. Meanwhile, attached is the preliminary SI, not the official.

    Main stuff:

    - Singlehanded Only race.
    - South Bay Race to start at NAS1, "SC", YRA mark 34, YRA mark 36, finish at NAS1 (just southwest of Alameda Estuary Entrance). See chartlet on last page of prelim SI.
    - Twice around the triangular course is less than 10 miles so the north bay racers have time to return back home.
    - No party EYC party afterwards - sorry.
    - Want to attract first time SSS sailors by waiving PHRF certificate since that can be a hurdle for a singular race. Entry is still $50 and includes t-shirt of course. Help spread the
    - We are considering two classes at the end of the starting sequence (1st timer Spinnaker and 1st timer Non Spinnaker). Since everyone is going CCW in a triangular course, there
    should be minimal cross traffic.
    - For you veterans, this a good opportunity for a buoy race.

    George L. of "TAZ" is the Guest Race "Direttore" and has secured an RC boat and volunteers already. Grazie, Jorge!

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