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Thread: Singlehanded No Trophy South Bay race registration is open

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    Default Singlehanded No Trophy South Bay race registration is open

    Registration is open:

    Some highlights:

    Theme for this year is Welcome Newcomers!
    -First timers are very encouraged and we have two divisions - Spinnaker and Non Spinnaker
    -First timers do NOT need a PHRF certificate

    -About 10 mile course West of USS Hornet and East of Ball Park. One course for All. A nice triangular counterclockwise route (2x's around) that is relatively easy for newcomers or
    good fun buoy racing for veterans.
    -SSS sailors please spread the word about this race to those who may not otherwise consider it.

    Thank you to George Lythcott, our Guest Race Chair, and his posse of volunteers.


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    I think this is a great idea, Joe! No phrf? All singlehanded? What is not to like?

    But wait! I have to go to the other side of the bridge? WAAY over there???

    Well, okay. I'll try it. Fair is fair. You all came 'round the sisters last year.

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    I feel like a newcomer 15 err... 17 years later. Looking forward to the race this weekend.
    For the first time racing Starbuck singlehanded, this should be fun!!!
    Lots of room for making mistakes and learning the ropes again!
    Watchout! for the 120% "Blast Reacher" sail! I'll need some room.

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