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    Our dear friends and longtime SSS supporters Ben and Lucie Mewes were in an accident last Friday while driving in Idaho. Lucie wrote "In a minute our lives are forever changed. Friday morning wind caught the rig and we fishtailed into the ditch. My sternum is broken. Benís on life support. My daughter is here helping and Benís son and daughter in law will be here soon. Iím not sure how to live."

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    This evening: "Thank you for your prayers. Mr. Wonderful passed through this life earlier this evening. I am grateful for your messages. And more grateful for your understanding."

    Then: "The energy of life is moving me next to the Bay Area. I have a room in June, but not when I arrive. My broken body needs a good bed and my dogs travel with me. Any ideas? Text or Messenger."

    If you're newer here and didn't know Ben and Lucie, scroll down to the second entry in this article:

    If you can help Lucie in some way, send me a note and I'll provide her contact information.

    Bob J.
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    I just came here to post this news, you beat me to it. This is just awful. Lucie is the sweetest person you could ever meet, and Ben was such a great character.

    My last memory of Ben was sailing down from Blackaller towards Angel Island right behind Ben in a borrowed Alerion 28. We were both going great guns and he looked happy.

    Ben did at least one SHTP, maybe two? Mirage, their "mini-Georgia" (Georgia was their Van de Stadt cruising boat). Mirage and Starbuck were the two Van de Stadt sisterships in the SSS for years 'n years.
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    Eight Bells for Ben..... another sad day.

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    Oh dear, what terrible news. Ben and Lucie are wonderful folk, and the world is a little less weird place without him. I hope Lucie makes a good recovery.

    Ben & Lucie raced on Beetle in the Banderas Bay Regatta - here he is trimming the jib and she is providing lookout skills on the high side.

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    - rob/beetle

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    I once needed a ride to Fruitvale BART since Taxi response at Alameda Marina was poor. I saw this Salty European, but friendly looking fellow loading his Volvo-Chandlery with more stuff. He said, "Yes" without hesitation despite the fact that he was on a mission/task that hour.

    Some time goes by and I see this little brown dog with front flippers walking across a deck. The same Guy, Ben pops out of the cabin and says his sailing partner was born without tendons in his lower feet. I have a vivid memory of that Dog waddling across his Blacksoo.

    A bit more time goes by and on the way to Redrock, I am being rolled to leeward by this Scandinavian sailor. I asked him how that was possible with such a PHRF, he uttered something with a big grin.

    The time of my life arrives and Ben and Lucie, along with Brian, are co-chairs for SHTP 2014. Man, I was fortunate to have all 3 of them put their energies and love into that spectacular Race and dream. Thank you!!

    Eight Bells for you, Ben! It's the "End of Watch" and that hatch has slid closed for one last time. Though we may hear ourselves beckon, "Ben," we will not hear your familiar reply. They at the other end will be lucky to receive a good mate, able hand and husband. Fair winds and calm seas to you!

    Joe Balderrama
    SSS Commodore

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