So as the title suggest this weekend my forestay snapped on me. Fortunately only my forestay was damaged. Mast is still standing tall and my brand new 2nd time out Jib is rip free. Hopefully she's also not stretched to hell. So now for some back story. I redid my standing rigging on my Islander 30-2 a few years ago and was told to go with 1/4" instead of what was on there (one size smaller than 1/4" don't remember). So I bought a bunch of 316L 1/4" cable, Turn buckles, and Hi-Mods fittings. I replaced everything without issue and did the forestay last. The furler intimated me and I wanted to watch at least 40 hrs of how to change the cable with different accents, and terminology. So after all that I decided to have one side I think the drum side pressed on because the Hi-Mod wouldn't fit in the drum or the extra long tread extender wasn't available don't remember it was a few year before covid now that I think about it. I was able to slide my new thicker 1/4" cable up the foil by removing a strands to make fishing the cable easier. I've been sailing on and off for about 3 years without issue until I finally decided to properly tension my rig this weekend.

So after watching a marathon of youtube and googling I found a method of tensioning I liked. Saturday I went up to the boat and backed off the shrouds the upper shrouds to very loose and the lowers to limp. Then I tentioned my back stay to 1210 according to my Loos Model B gauge. I had to cut my back stay shorter twice (a total of 3.5" removed) to get my back stay tension to what loos suggested for 1/4" stay tension (1,250). Then I did a lengthy back and forth of tensioning and measuring stay length to get the shrouds good. I unfurled the jib in the slip to stretch everything out for about an hour as I cleaned up and then went home. The next day I took out Dory for a sail. While I was bobbing around oyster point cooking to death and waiting for the wind I noticed my back stay was super slack so I tightened up the turnbuckle and it needed a lot more than the turn buckle could give. So I took down the sails and setup my temp backstay and cut another 2.5" off my back stay, put everything back together and retensioned my back stay to 1,210 pounds. The wind never really came up so I went back to the marina. SFO had some wind about 10 knots or so and Coyote Point had a touch more.During my limited sail down wind I didn't notice anything off, but when I was pointing down the channel of Coyote Point I noticed all kinds of craziness my drum was going up and down left and right, my foil was behind my ledging edge. Once I got behind the jetty and going down the fairway I rolled up the jib dropped the main and got into my slip. That's when I saw my forestay had snapped. I took my sail off without getting it wet, and tossed it down below and called it a day.

So my question to the community is how do I replace my forestay?
Do I go with an undersized forestay that will go threw my foil really easily, and keep my back stay at 1/4"
Do I get a new furlier (which I really don't want to do) so I can run a 1/4 forestay
If I do get a new furlier any options on Alado Furlers? I've read some good things about them

Thanks for the read and reply
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