I don't think people are paying attention. When Cliff and I sailed home on Sunday we were on Rainbow, which is a big heavy catamaran that Cliff has modified significantly in order to sail to New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Kauai (several times). I think he said she weighs 20,000 pounds. When we were out on the water coming up the coast (or down, since it was a south wind), we experienced that day, with its
30+ wind, in a much different way than did Greg Ashby.

Greg sailed home on the same day, just a bit later. The conditions weren't that different. He was on his 25' Beiley, a 2000 pound boat. I was short of astonished.

His response when I texted him later to see if he was alive?

"I think it was well past "giddy up! I keep the main double reefed most of the time."

Indeed. I'll just bet that helped. But seriously! That Greg can sail.