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    I'm curious about the SH race format for Vallejo #1. Any reason why the first day is limited to just single-handed entries? It makes finding crew awkward for a DH entry on the way back. How do they get there on Sunday? Why can't they do the 'fun' direction downwind? Etc. Also, rafting up single handed seems like a lot if you don't happen to have a smaller low-freeboard boat. I can't say with any certainly I'd do the race if DH was possible both ways, but I can say I'm rather unlikely to do it SH both ways.

    Thanks for the consideration,

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    I hear you, it's a bit of a hassle, but SH Saturday is a long, long tradition. The Vallejo 1 was the first singlehanded race for a lot of us. It's a fairly easy introduction. And I don't recall ever having much of a problem with rafting up. It's less crowded than the YRA raftup in the spring, if you've done that.

    Crew can take the ferry to Vallejo Saturday afternoon/evening if they're anywhere near the other end of the line. Or sometimes a carpool is organized, possibly with race committee. Something usually works out.

    My first time, I remember asking race chair Terry McKelvey - this must have been in 2000 - if I could enter non-spinnaker Saturday and spinnaker Sunday. That was never going to fly. I think she pointed out that I wasn't actually required to fly a spinnaker in my PHRF class!

    I encourage you to enter. I always enjoyed SSS Vallejo weekend more than the one in the spring.

    Max (ex member, ex RC, etc)
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    Max is right about the Vallejo 1-2 being long, long ago.
    The SSS began with the Singlehanded Farralons Race in 1977.
    The inaugural Singlehanded Transpac was in 1978.

    The Vallejo 1-2 was part of race agenda in 1982 when I took over race chair duties. Not sure who gets the credit for the idea, but some of the folk involved during the time period were George Siegler, Paul Boehmke, Chuck Hawley, Fred Joyce, Peter Hogg and many more. If you happen to chat with anyone from that era, ask them. I am curious.

    The first Three Bridge Fiasco Race was in 1984.


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    I don't think you'll find an old time SSS member who doesn't treasure the Vallejo 1 - 2. It was my first SSS race in 1984 and I have the two plaques that say I placed 3rd each day (and I think there were than 3 boats)-- was I pumped! Ants was the race guy. The early years Vallejo 1-2 races Started on Saturday and Finished on Sunday at the GGYC - sometimes on the Fleet Week weekend and sometimes in thick fog. The shortened course makes things much easier!

    And I'm proud to have my name on the perpetual trophy with so many great SSS racer -- many now gone! There's lots of help getting rafted up at the VYC, just take your time and don't be anxious about going into the marina. Most years the VYC folks direct things, so listen carefully to their commands. Sunday morning's usually busy out in the Strait getting sails up and a 2nd person aboard is a plus. There can be lots (and lots more!) tacking on Sunday sailing down the Mare Island Strait, out into the Carquinez Strait, and further down. You'll appreciate having a crew to grind and trim.

    Crew can ride the Vallejo Ferry up Saturday afternoon and stay overnight on your boat. Be delivered to Vallejo by a friend. I usually drive them back following the race. There's a Nation's Hamburger joint not too far from the VYC what better excuse to drive back up? If it was the Vallejo 2-1 they'd still have to get home from Vallejo somehow.

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    I would like to keep the format as it is. Singlehanded there, double handed back.
    Where is the big pyramid shaped perpetual trophy for this event? SDK

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