We had about 20 starters out of the 30ish that crossed the line at the Golden Gate Seawall. They did not have to contend with the Big Boat tenders, early morning swimmers and the reported Great White in the water.

Winds out of West about 10 knots, enough for J105's Kincsem headsail to pull out of the groove. No matter, all sorted and crossed the start on the same tack. Thanks to the miracle of AP's.

Thanks to Carliane J. our Race Chair and her crew from HMBYC - Linda, Laura and Ian. An extra hand from Sam M. from SSS was there to grease the wheels, too.

The after party and dinner was quite nice at the HMBYC outdoor patio and beach.

Some photos below thanks to our Race Chair who will be taking on more races next year.

Results from jibeset, https://www.jibeset.net/JACKY000.php?RG=T003004142 Congratulations to the J105 Kincsem Joerg Esdorn seen below for Overall 1st place.

Reports from returning HMB racers, one of whom left 3:30 a.m. but others around 8 a.m. Made for a fast ride up the coasts. https://www.sfbaysss.org/forum/showt...-Moon-Bay-2022

Thanks to Dave M. and the Staff at HMBYC for dinner, breakfast, landing, ferrying and all water duties needed and welcomed.

Next race is Oct. 15/16 Vallejo 1/2.

See you then!

JB, SSS Commodore

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