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Thread: Stock up on freeze dried for the 2023 SHTP!

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    Default Stock up on freeze dried for the 2023 SHTP!

    Hi there,
    Some of you may know that I purchased about $5,000 worth of freeze-dried food a couple of years ago. Most of it will last long into 2030 but some will expire in summer 2023. And so here's the list of what's available for sale. Make me an offer. I have plenty of each.
    I am listing the content, the number of servings, the best-by date, and the list price.

    A few words about freeze-dried food:

    1. It's the simplest way to eat in a small boat. Boil water with a Jet Boil in a minute, pour the water into the bag and eat from the bag. In fact, it doesn't matter the size of your boat: this is my preferred choice.
    2. It's not as bad as people say. Even after 5 weeks of this regimen, I was still looking forward to my meals. Some are better than others, but then again, in a small boat, simplicity is what matters.
    Also, here's a big lesson learned: you only need one item of comfort food to get the whole effect. What I mean is that as long as you have one item of comfort food to look forward to, you're all set. You can eat not-so-great food for the rest of the day. In fact, even a drink does it for you. Hot chocolate is what did it for me when it was cold. And when it was warm, a creme brulee did wonders. If there's a piece of candy you like that'll do it, chips go for it. Have one a day, make it a special moment.
    3. I completed my freeze-dried diet with a multi-vitamin from APSU.
    4. Taste before you leave as some won't work for you.
    5. I tried to select as low sodium as I could so that's done for you.
    6. Once out there don't be selective. Make 3 bags and don't pick and chose: put your hand in the bag and eat what comes out!
    7. Two servings sounds like a lot? No worries, eat what you want, close the bag, and eat the rest later. Who cares if it's cold (see big lesson learned above), make a hot tea to go along with it.

    I really enjoyed the pad thais. Real sorry to see them expire!

    Backpacker's pantry
    Mango sticky rice 2 servings - 11 AUG 2023 - $6.95
    Peanut butter and raisin oatmeal 1 serving - 23 JUL 2023 - $4.99
    Granola with blueberries, almonds & milk 1 serving - 22 JUL 2023 - $6.99
    Organic hot blueberry, walnut, oats & quinoa cereal 1 serving - 03 AUG 2023 - $6.95
    Granola with bananas, almonds & milk 2 servings - 07 AUG 2023 - $11.90
    Pad Thai 2 servings - 21 AUG 2023 - $9.99
    Pad Thai with chicken 2 servings - 11 AUG 2023 - $12.99
    Chana masala 2 servings - 10 AUG 2023 - $6.95

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    Bump ...

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    There are three Mountain House meals left after PacCup (out of 44 purchased). They're on a shelf in the pantry and will likely remain there. "Best By" dates are August 2051 and February 2052, so no rush...

    Does this also count as a bump?

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