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    I just read that Bobbi Tosse has passed away. She and John Clauser, her husband, had traveled to Stockholm to accept his Nobel Prize in Physics. She apparently picked up a serious illness on the return flight and had been in the hospital.

    Bobbi was one of my favorite people in sailing. She was thoroughly competent and professional on the race deck, anchoring Berkeley Yacht Club's race committees for many years. Bobbi was our PRO for a few SSS races, including the Corinthian and Round the Rocks. She was also a regular on the race deck for the Pacific Cup.

    She was a CPA and provided tax services to several local sailing organizations at reduced cost. There is much more - please add to this thread if you like.

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    We heard the news last night. It's hard to lose the people you always looked up to. She had a great sense of humor and was a big part of racing on the Bay.Name:  2011 wheeler poster.jpg
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    I have a 1980 Honolulu Star clipping that quotes Bobbi Tosse as part of the RC at the Nawiliwili finish of the San Francisco to Kauai race. They were working out of a rented camper and old bus! Fair winds, Bobbi.

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    Ever since I first heard Bobbi on the radio during the Berkeley Midwinter season races some years back, I've always tried to channel that voice when I'm on the radio. She so inspired me. Sail on, Bobbi.

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