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Thread: Walker log and sextants for SHTP

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    Hi, I put an Airmar CS4500 ultrasonic speed sensor in my boat in 2015, $700 at the time. It did come with a pulse converter and is hooked up to my Garmin depth sounder display. The sensor did fit into the throughhull of the old paddlewheel sensor that had been plugged before I got the boat. It has so far been working quite flawlessly. Very occasionally there is growth if I have not used the boat for a while, but it generally goes away by the time I have motored out of the Sausalito channel and am ready to hoist sails. If it it dirty it shows lower speed than my GPS. Sometimes I need to turn it off and on as well.

    Not sure if your sensor is an ultrasonic sensor, but the pulse converter could not be picking up all pulses due to an electrical connection problem (corrosion?). In my boat the problem is almost always contact corrosion.

    Cheers Jan
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