First of all, I'd like to thank the Race Committee for standing outside all day long waiting endlessly until Rufless showed his wicked clown's face @ 6:26 pm with a cutoff of 7 pm. And then, there was that flurry of excitement until the last finisher, Nobody's Girl, at 6:58.40. Wow. A very impressive show of determination by the sailors who kept after it. It must have broken the hearts of those who barely missed the finish time. So sorry. Really. Anybody who continued to sail in those conditions deserves respect and/or consolation.

I'd love to hear stories here. Regarding the singlehanders in the race, Tom Patterson stayed the course and finished at 6:47:19, correcting out just ahead of Joerg Esdorn. Tom told me is tired today. I'll bet he is?

Chris Jordan was the only singlehander in his fleet to finish. Nice job, gentlemen all.

I heard a rumour that there will be an in-person SSS meeting, where I would personally like to hear the stories of all races heretofore completed in the year 2023.

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Bob Johnston insists that, if there aren't any photos, it didn't happen. So, here is a photo of my own boat with her new mainsail by Dave Hodges. Yes, it is a beautiful sail. If we had stayed out later into the evening she might even have glowed in the dark.