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Thread: Singlehanded Farallones Sailing Instructions are Posted

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    Default Singlehanded Farallones Sailing Instructions are Posted

    Sailing Instructions for the Farallones race are posted on Jibeset.

    Some highlights:

    1) Please check in from within ~3/4 NM of the race deck. Getting closer has really helped in the last few races.

    2) We're starting and finishing from the St Francis Race Deck and "A", not the Golden Gate Race Deck and "X" or the nearby shore.

    3) We've lined up several members of the San Francisco Radio Club to some sit at Land's End with their gear so help monitor the fleet and do hourly roll call starting at 20:00 to get lat, lon and speed from boats not visible on AIS. (If they can see you on AIS, they'll announce that and you'll be skipped.) I'm sure it can be "busy" getting back from the Farallones but do let us know where you are. If you can turn on AIS, so much the better.

    4) I'll figure out class assignment tomorrow after registration closes.

    5) The Skipper's Meeting has move to THURSDAY because of a conflict.

    6) We have lined up some guest speakers for the skipper's meeting: Mike will talk about his first Farallones from the perspective of a brand-new racer, and Raplh will provide his thoughts. Ralph will also start the meeting off with his recap of the Anything Goes race.

    Thank you for racing with the SSS!

    Richard, 2023 SSS Race Co-Chair
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