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Thread: Land preparations for the race

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    Default Land preparations for the race

    Less than 6 weeks from the start of the 2023 SHTP, it's about time to start making plans.

    Okay, raise your hand: Who wants to sail to Kauai on Sunday June 25? Oh! You say you have been preparing for two years? Three years? Well, that's just excellent. Now for the details that might interest everyone else:

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    The race will be staged at the Richmond Yacht Club in Point Richmond, California. How to get there? Click here:

    The day before the race, on Saturday June 24, friends, family members and well wishers are welcome to come to RYC in order to have a look at the boats, chat with the sailors and everybody else.

    David Herrigel is the 2023 Singlehanded Transpacific Race Chair. On Saturday morning David will meet with the sailors in the Regatta Room of RYC to give last minute instructions and answer last minute questions.

    Skip Allan, who did the race in 1978 and again in 2008, will provide a weather update and advice regarding the trip across to Kauai. It's very interesting and a lot of fun except for the sailors whose boats aren't quite ready. Yeah. They won’t be having fun.

    It will be a chance for people to put names to faces and to appreciate the incredible preparations that are required by the singlehanded sailors who will participate in this 2100+ journey across the Pacific.

    We hope you’ll come to say hello and goodbye.

    Then, the next morning? They’re OFF!

    The race will start off the Golden Gate Yacht Club on the San Francisco City Front. There is plenty of free public parking over there, and start times will be announced well before the race. 9:42 am is the top of an ebb tide of 2.5 knots at the Golden Gate.

    More to come. Got Questions? Ask 'em here.

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    A week after my previous post and there are no further questions. That is just great. I'm glad everyone feels so confident.

    One favor, though. Will racers advise David Herrigel of your jacket size? We will embroider your boat’s name on your jacket. Do it soon, please?


    The infamous swanky aloha luncheon is no more. This year, once the competitors have spent thousands of dollars preparing their boats, reserving their rooms, paying the airfare for friends and families? They won't be hit with the last minute expense of a $45+ goodbye luncheon. Why? Because we plan to offer bag lunches to racers and their immediate families instead. For FREE. Yes, that wonderful word.

    Friends? Well, we will have extra sandwiches available for a nominal fee. Baked goods will be included. Of course.

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    Jackets in Kauai in July??? That is a good one! Well, for me... Jacket size is typically a Large.

    Michael Polkabla
    Cal40 Solstice #4

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    Thank you, Michael! You will appreciate that jacket when you sail home to Monterey!

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    So nice that the RYC is hosting again. Great place to visit. Thank you RYC, dura mater and everyone involved!

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    A member of the race committee is already in Hanalei Bay aboard his Crealock s/v Pamela. Dennis Maggard has been sending us updates regarding what we can expect this year when we all make landfall: You from your boats, us from the airline of our choice. Here is a photo of Pamela on Hanalei Bay. She has a green hull. Similar to Green Buffalo’s, but different.

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    First of all, Dennis says that all roads are open to Hanalei from the rest of the island. This is a good thing, and an improvement from 2021, when cars were allowed into and out of Hanalei Bay only twice per day.

    Here is a photo of a Hanalei Bay rainbow from this morning. Yes, there will be rainbows for you, too.

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    Dennis says the 2023 SHTP Command Central house is in a very central location, walkable from the Bay and Hanalei Town. It also has an outdoor shower.

    Thank you to all sailors for sending me your jacket sizes. They have been ordered and will be embroidered with the SSS logo and the name of your boat. How cool is that?

    Soon I will need to know how many bag lunches (sandwiches, baked goods, soft drinks) you would like to order for the Aloha Luncheon to be held after the Skippers’ meeting at RYC on 062423. They will not cost you anything for yourself or your immediate family members or a couple friends. You are singlehanders. How many friends could you have?

    That’s it for now. Any questions? Ask here.
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    Default Hanalei, baby!

    What a time we are all gonna have together in Hanalei! there is no prettier place to anchor s/v Pamela. Me and the old girl have anchored in Mo’orea, Fatu Hiva, bora-Bora, Suwarro, minerva reef, and Ururapukapuka in the Bay of Islands— and those places are truly fabulous, so beautiful you could cry. But only Hanalei is Hanalei, and you are gonna be there soon.

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