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Thread: 2023 Half Moon Bay Sailing Instructions and Competitor's slides have been revised

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    Default 2023 Half Moon Bay Sailing Instructions and Competitor's slides have been revised

    Hello, SSS Racers!

    Sorry to change things on you, but a sharp-eyed racer pointed out that in past years Colorado Reef and the Pillar Point "G1" buoys were both marks of the course. (I'd had them as obstructions before dropping the G1 obstruction at the last minute.) On the belief racers might pay more attention to marks of the course than obstructions, and to keep people outside of G1, I have revised the sailing instructions to make those both marks of the course, like they were last year. I've also replaced the "informational" chartlet at the back with last year's graphic.

    I've also taken the opportunity to add a phone number right in the requirement to send a text message with the finish time, since that was a request in the competitor's meeting.

    Next, I've revised the competitor's meeting slides to reflect the changes to the sailing instructions, and what our Half Moon Bay hosts told us about the need to anchor and hail a water taxi.

    Please grab the new documents from Jibeset at

    Please make sure your sailing instructions say "revision 2".

    Thank you for racing with the SSS!

    Richard, 2023 SSS Race Co-Chair

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    It's not too late to sign up for dinner (Friday noon is cutoff). Amazing dinner for $25. The link to reserve and pay is:

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    I have reserved and paid for a dinner. However, DM and I have been known to arrive just before the cutoff time, which in this case is 20:00. Dinner will be served from 17:30-19:30. I hope you will save mine for me? And probably for Slainte, too. He will be either right in front of us or right behind us.

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