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Thread: "Corinthians" ideas

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    As we discussed on the boat, the Corinthian Race has a good course. Max designed it to give skippers a tactical choice about which way to go around Angel Island. Same with Alcatraz on the leg from Harding to Blossom. If the plan is for the SSS to have an RC boat, just move the start/finish out by Pt. Knox.

    I'm a bit suspicious about attempts to make the races more "safe, fair and fun." Years of experience went into choosing the courses we have. Skippers keep coming back because of the courses. Until you've sailed them you don't realize how good they are.

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    I'm for still trying to get things back on track with the Corinthian YC..... our host for the Corinthian race and the SHTP for a long, long time. If we can't use their race deck then a course as close to the original as possible would be my vote.

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