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Thread: SHTP Gathering #2

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    Default SHTP Gathering #2

    The get together last weekend was just awesome! May I propose another gathering of all the 2010 SHTP boats on Saturday, April 17th? This is a week after the Corinthian race and a few days after our medical and safety seminar. It would be great to see all the boats that are doing the race and we could get some good last minute ideas from each other.

    This is also usually the boat show weekend, maybe we can work with Strickly Sail and tie it in some how. Good PR for SSS and fun all around.

    Bob and Rob, what do you think?

    Second Verse

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    Weekend days will be precious as the race gets closer but that would still be two months out. I'm open to the idea.

    We did something similar in 2006 and several race inspections got done that day. As I recall, Synthia unveiled her "thong" that weekend, and a few of the guys planned to wear sun dresses and radar reflector hats for the occasion. Alas, cold wet weather mercifully prevented the latter (and the perps shall remain anonymous).
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    Default Get Together Part Deux

    That sounds like a great idea! I would definitely bring "Blue Moon" over for the gathering.

    s/v Blue Moon
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