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Thread: 2010 TransPac Web Site

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    Default 2010 TransPac Web Site

    Copying from the work done for the 2008 TransPac web page, I have posted the 2010 TransPac web page for everyone to view. You can click this link to get to the web page.

    Bob asked me to get up links to the race documents and entry forms posted there and my wife put together the colorful new SSS Hawaii banner. Let us know if you see anything that needs correction or updating. There will be sponsors added and many updates over the next few months.

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    Default add 2008 results to the all_race spreadsheet

    Looks good!

    One thing that comes to mind: how about adding the 2008 results to the overall race spreadsheet that Stan and Peter put together?

    would be a good idea to keep the document alive and update as the races occur.

    - rob/beetle

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    The updated results spreadsheet is floating around here somewhere - it just needs to be substituted for the older version. I did the update awhile back . . . lemme look . . . ah, here it is.

    One thing Matt - for better current we may move the start up to 11:00 - maybe just leave the start time off for now. It will be in the SI's.

    Once again a big thanks to Matt for getting the page up - I mostly wanted to have the entry doc's available for those who want to give them to me, all filled out, at Monday night's seminar! (You KNOW you do!)

    Or at least save fifty bucks and pay your entry fee by February 1st.

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