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Thread: The Singlehanded TransPac Class of 2010

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    Default The Singlehanded TransPac Class of 2010

    Entries are closed so this is the "official" list of Provisional Entries. Now we
    move on to boat inspections and final preparations for the June 19th start.

    Two-thirds of this year's fleet are first-time SHTP'ers, which is really cool!

    Max Crittenden "Solar Wind" Martin 32, San Francisco
    Paul Nielsen "Culebra" Olson 34, Sausalito
    Al Germain "Bandicoot" WylieCat 30, Richmond
    Gary Gould "Pakele" Islander 36, Oxnard
    Adrian Johnson "Idefix" Olson 30, Seattle
    Sam Burns "Southernaire" Catalina 309, Alameda
    Barry Ruff "Rage" Wylie 39, Vancouver, B.C.
    Ben Mewes "Mirage" Black Soo, Alameda
    George Lythcott "Taz!!" Express 27, Alameda
    Ronnie Simpson "Warriors Wish" Jutson 30, San Diego
    AJ Goldman "Second Verse" Cascade 36, Coyote Point
    Jeanne Socrates "Nereida" Najad 380, Guernsey, U.K. (via So. Africa)
    Jak Mang "Maitreya" Atkin Ingrid, Berkeley
    John Hayward "Dream Chaser" Valiant 40, San Francisco
    Eva Drangsholt "Fri" Able 34 Custom, Oslo, Norway (via Seattle)
    Adam Correa "Blue Moon" Int'l Folkboat, Sausalito
    Jeff Lebesch "Hecla" Hammerhead 54, Ft. Collins, CO
    Ken Roper "Harrier" Finn Flyer 31, San Pedro
    Santi Reyero "Koh Samia" Mini Transat 2Win650, San Diego
    Dave King "Saraband" Westsail 32, Portland
    Paul Woodward "Hesperus" Kirby 23 Mod, Greenville, NC
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    Default Shtp 2010

    Although we have yet to officially pay...'Blue Moon' will most definitely be at the Start for the 2010 SHTP. We are just recovering from having just bought a New Mainsail--and a New set of Twin Headsails---and a New_____--and a New______. Is anyone else suffering from the "And a New" syndrome????...It will be well worth it I'm sure. I would very much like to get the contact info of all the skippers via email...If you all wouldn't mind sending me a simple email at that would be great. I am currently working on a project called "Profile of a Singlehander" and would like to get info from everyone participating in this year's race. Thanks for your help...Talk with you all real soon..

    Adam Correa
    s/v Blue Moon
    International Folkboat #175

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    Default Jeanne Socrates SVNereida LatLong 15-APRIL

    Copy & paste into browser.......zoom out all the way >>>>>>>>


    Jeanne's location as reported in 15-April web posting puts her well clear of Cape Horn exiting Southern Ocean.

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    Sam, I think she's going the other way! Longitude is 110 E not W.

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    Smile Jeanne Socrates SVNereida LatLong 15-APRIL- CORRECTED

    Thanks for fixing my math. Here's the corrected LAT-LONG:

    "The Pacific Ocean is a westward conveyor....." Thor Heyerdahl

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