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    Default Sail Seminar - Downwind Issues

    Do you realize it's only four months to the start (plus a few days)? So let's have another seminar to help you along in your preparations - Monday, 2/15 at our usual haunt - the Oakland Yacht Club (Alameda). 1900 to gather, 1930 we'll start.

    Synthia Petroka, SHTP Race Chair in 2008, SHTP Division winner in 2006, Pac Cup DH Division winner, and sailmaker extraodinaire will present her "world-famous" SHTP Sail Selection and Repair Seminar. Don't miss it!

    Whomper or twins? With those twins, would you like one whisker pole or two? Code Zero or flat reacher? Snuffer or net? End-for-end or gybe with two poles? Outgrabber or thong? Boxers or briefs? So many decisions - Synthia will have all the answers!

    Plus what you should have in your sail repair kit and how to use it.

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