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    Default Shipping home

    We did it in 2004 and it was great. But not from Kauai. Ben thinks he can ship the trailer to Nawilliwilli and keep Mirage there....

    I want her back to sail again here. So: Help! Any updates on shipping?

    We used Matson, Todd Liddy andd Keehi per the page. From Honolulu it was about $5K

    Apparently there's someone new on the seas: Has anyone made arrangements with Pasha?

    Thanks -

    Mrs. Wonderful

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    Hi Lucie,

    I'm surprised this is just now coming up. By February 2008 we'd already had a lot of posts about shipping boats back.

    Looking for alternatives to Matson's unreliable quotes, I contacted PASHA in late 2007 or early 2008. PASHA runs a schedule from the islands to San Diego (not here) and at that time, was stopping in Kauai.

    PASHA was very helpful and referred me to two shipping coordinators (or whatever you call them - the guys with the trailers, etc.) One of them who PASHA raved about was

    I contacted Larry, he jumped right in and even posted here on the board a few times. Most of us (shipping our boats) used him in 2008. Since then Larry seems to have come up missing.

    Since they were so helpful last time, I recommend you contact PASHA to see what the current deal is, and who they recommend to handle the logistics.

    I agree it would be a shame to lose Mirage out of the SSS fleet.

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    I contacted Matson (Tony-888.362.8766). They will ship a trailer from Oakland (Terminal #1, I think), and deliver it to Honolulu and deliver boat and trailer back to Terminal 1. They leave Oakland every other Thursday. They will be shipping out of Oakland on June 17th and will need trailer on Tuesday, June 15th to make that Thursday's shipping date. They need height, width and weight of trailer alone and the same for the trailer with the boat loaded. They do not lower masts nor load boat on trailer. "Honolulu will probably tolerate trailer storage for one week but could charge storage fees for longer periods. They are giving us the PacCup discount.

    Called PASHA too. They ship from Nawilliwilli (Kauai) to San Diego only. You have to get your trailer down to San Diego but they will arrange for a flatbed truck pick-up/delivery if desired. Of course, you have to go get your boat/trailer in Sandiego when it arrives.

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    Default Anyone else? We have a quote for Nawiliwili -

    George Lythcott and I are working on this stuff now. Anyone else not yet committed to Pasha or Honolulu?


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    I was thinking about Pasha, but I'm not sure they have the facilities (hoist,...)


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    Default Shipping home with Pasha

    I used loadaboat Larry last time who worked with PASHA, worked really well. I dropped the trailer in Diego at his house and it was sitting at Alawai Marina when I sailed into Honolulu on Wed after the awards. Took the mast down and loaded it on the trailer with their travel lift. Ragtime used their crane for his mast, not sure what that cost. Travel lift was $350 for Polar Bear. Boat was in Diego two weeks later where I flew to and drove the rig back to Minnesota. I sailed a local Wednesday night race on Lake Superior two weeks after leaving Hawaii! Having my own trailer and going to and from San Diego saved quite a bit, my cost was $4500 for the transport.

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    Default PS

    In 08 when I did this Matson wanted three times what PASHA wanted to bring my boat back, I would have rather not had the hassle of going through San Diego but it actually was an easier drive home through smaller mountains and quite a savings.

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