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    Default free ride

    Who says there is no such thing as a free ride???

    In return for 4 years of bumming free rides up-and-down the hill to Princeton for fuel and provisioning it is, this year, Haulback's turn to pay back!!!

    I have rented a car, for the first time, and have no other plans apart from being a SHTP groupie.

    Will be happy to ferry people back and forth as req'd - so no problemo for getting diesel and grub for the trip home.


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    Sweet! I will definitely be bumming rides!


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    Speaking of rides,

    The rib and its jolly crew that meets you when you finish (regardless of the hour) is paid for by the race committee. However, subsequent shuttles to and from your anchored boat are up to you. I think Rob told me that the rib won't even be available for hire (can you confirm that Rob?).

    Keeping a handheld (VHF) with you around Hanalei helps to coordinate rides with skippers who brought small boats. For those (like me) who always like to have their ducks in a row . . . well it's a stretching (but good) experience.

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    As for water rides,

    Dream Chaser will have a dinghy with outboard (which will hopefully run this time, it didn't in 08) and an inflatable kayak so I can do some ferrying when I am on board. I will try to keep the VHF with me.


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    I've picked up a 2-seat inflatable kayak (with some missing parts, but it seems to hold air OK) on Craigslist. So I can offer a ride now and then.

    Thanks Jim for the shoreside option.


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    Default I'll have a car too...

    I arrive 7/1 and am happy to make some trips to Kapa'a and probably even Lihue when we haul the boats...Walmart! Fresh Express Poke!!!

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